Monday, 10 October 2016

MBS Athletics

Senior and Middle- Monday 7th November (Week 5). This will be held at Te Puru from 9am-3pm

Junior- Thursday 17th November (Week 6). This will be held at School from 9am-11am

Monday, 1 August 2016

Monday, 6 June 2016

Maraetai Rugby

Maraetai Rugby.
First game.

On the 7th of June Maraetai Beach School rugby team played Point View School. I was the captain of the team and personally I thought it was a great game even though we lost. We had a great first half, we were leading 2-1. I scored a try and Campbell scored a try. The second half Point View just got the best of us, but it was an even game even though they were probably the tallest team in the tournament. But still, we had a really good first game and so did Point View. I think the All Blacks coach has a couple of leading players when they are old enough.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Swim Gym- Field of Dreams

It has been great to see our students swimming everyday in the MBS school pool. All students are working hard to improve their swimming before the MBS Swimming Sports on the 24th February.

Also thank you to Swim Gym- Find our Field of Dreams for teaching our year 3-6 students in the pool every Monday and Wednesday.


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

ECCS Athletics results

ECCS Athletics:
100m Sprint
Year 6 Girls- Lucy D 3rd
Year 8 Girls- Grace K 1st
Year 6 Girls- Vienna M 2nd
Year 6 Boys- Henry L 1st
Year 8 Girls- Bella S 3rd
Year 6 Boys- Henry L 3rd
Year 8 Girls- Grace K 1st
Year 6 Girls- Ellie N 2nd
Year 6 Girls- Aimee K 3rd
Year 8 Girls- Bella S 2nd
High Jump
Year 6 Girls- Amber G 2nd
Year 6 Boys- Henry L 1st
Shot Put
Year 8 Boys- Tim B 2nd

Thursday, 13 August 2015

MBS Cross Country

Well done to all of our Cross Country winner! Goodluck to our team going to ECCS next Wednesday!
Cross Country Results

Year 8 Boys
1st Asher Gilpin
2nd Christian Timu
2nd Tim Bavelaar

Year 8 Girls
1st Bella Sinclair
2nd Grace Kelly
3rd Alex Lee

Year 7 Boys
1st Daan Tissink
1st James Haywood
3rd Joseph Milsom

Year 7 Girls
1st Paris Dillon
2nd Autumn Pascoe

Year 6 Boys
1st Henry Lee
2nd Oliver Rooks
3rd Joel Denton

Year 6 Girls
1st Lucy Davis
2nd Ella Deane
3rd Lukka Nicolson

Year 5 Boys
1st Maximilian Louw
2nd Jonathan Lowe
3rd Renee Allen

Year 5 Girls
1st Bailee McDowall
2nd Paige Price
3rd Elizabeth Ewels

Year 4 Boys
1st Nikau Powley
2nd George Hardie
3rd Noah Retford
Year 4 Girls
1st Ashlee Skipper
2nd Ashlyn McDowell
3rd Emma Jesson
Year 3 Boys
1st Dylan Pedersen
2nd Beau Nicolson
3rd Max King

Year 3 Girls
1st Ella Worthington
2nd Ava Ellis
3rd Anna Hardie

Year 2 Boys
1st Luke Dougherty
2nd Oliver Retford
3rd Vincent Hugues

Year 2 Girls
1st Gabrielle Dalton-Wilson
2nd Sophie Hyde
3rd Mia Gibson

Year 0/1 Boys
1st Alec Burley
2nd Frank Ewels
3rd Logan Hickey

Year 0/1 Girls
1st Lydia Ellis
2nd Ailidh McKinnon
3rd Zara Crawford

1st Overall Male- Asher Gilpin
1st Overall Female- Bella Sinclair

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Football for Children

Today Football for Children had their first session with MBS at lunch time. It was great to see all the students getting into it and learning new skills.
If you would like your child to join in on these Monday lunch time sessions please see Miss Richards in Room 6.

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